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The customer of this particular car has been a longstanding Regal customer for a good number of years now, this might just be his fastest project yet… The car already has an extensive spec list and is a regular sight at our shop in Southampton. Highlights include:

-WON Nitrous Kit
-Roush Intake System
-Roush Exhaust System with Highflow Cats and Downpipes
-Steeda Camshafts

Along with a set of Team Dynamics pro race 1.2 wheels and a Regal Autosport carbon bonnet wrap and lime green body srtipes.

This time it was in for a Regal adapted Alcon 343mm 4 pot monoblock brake kit with floating discs and a set of Steda headers to match the rest of the exhaust sytem.This thing REALLY growls now!

Yesterday a customer came in with an Insignia VXR looking for a Remap and some Dyno Testing… and thats what he got!

First the Insignia was strapped to the dyno after ensuring the customer had good fuel in the car so a baseline power figure could be obtained. Some tuners have difficulty providing customers a true comparison power plot on these cars because of the speed limitation in 5th gear. We had a way around that 😉

The customer was curious as to what the difference in transmission loss in 2wd and 4wd, and we were good enough to oblige. The losses are quite staggering, but in 2wd mode you do get a far more accurate reading for flywheel power.

The car was then remapped and put back on the rolling road.

Final gains from stock the stock figures of 341bhp and 342ft/lb to the remapped figures of 367bhp and 413ft/lb were 26bhp and a huge 71 ft/lb… transforming this already quite quick, but heavy car into something with far far more urgency in acceleration, particularily in gear and on the motorway. The remapped software also removed the speed limitation and increases the red line from 6400rpm to 7000rpm!

Stock dyno graph here

Remapped dyno graph here

Below is a 4th gear comparison graph and it shows, stock and mapped side by side.

Click here to see a larger version.

As you can see, the boost characteristics in the midrange is significantly altered. this gives a large midrange punch and gives a hike in torque. the lambda readings from both exhausts with the remap are spot on target and show why this map still returns great fuel economy – better than stock on a motorway run!

The Regal Insignia VXR software maps are available now, priced at £480

The new Corsa VXRs have even stricter emissions regulations to adhere to and as such have a much larger cat and a much revised engine management system.

We had one of these new Corsa VXRs in recently, in the shape of a new VXRacing Corsa VXR. It came in for a remap but was only running 95 octane fuel.

The stock figures were 186bhp and 187ft/lb and after a remap the car made 212bhp and 198ft/lb. A healthy increase of 26bhp on poor quality 95 octane. A good few miles with some high quality 98 octane will see those figures climb!

A16LER Dyno Plot

See a larger version of the Dyno Graph here

The most striking aspect of the remap is the difference in mid range urgency, around 20ft/lb of torque in the mid range!

The Regal A16LER Remaps are available NOW at £480.

March 17th saw the official test and media day for the 2010 Porsche Carrera Cup GB.

Tony Gilham took delivery of his 2010 GT3 Cup just three days before the event, so this was a shakedown as much as it was a timed session!

Here are a few shots of the new car, straight out the box, soon to be wrapped with it’s new livery.

More details on this venture as they become available.

The E9x series BMW M3 is a brutal machine in standard form, however, for the hardened M3 customer this still isn’t enough!

At Regal we have just the package to further increase the driving experience.

The Stage 1 kit consists of three elements, ECU Software upgrade, Bastuck rear exhaust system and VF air intake.

The GIAC software is flashed in the car. One of the few option on the market that allows this. The DME is left clean and no future codes are developed as a result of the flashing process.

Rev limits are raised on both auto and manual trans, low-end and midrange torque also see noticable gains and there is an increase in peak power.

Smooth power delivery is the key to the huge traction on the M3, this is enhanced further still with the GIAC flash.

The Bastuck exhaust system replaces the rear section of the OE setup. Pictured is the E93 (cabrio) system with the 2 rear silencers to work arround the additional bracing on this body type, the Saloon and Coupe feature a single transverse silencer as per the factory installation.

The VF filter fits in the OEM air intake with a higher flowing, cotton element for a moving a larger volume of air at high-end and results in a slighty deeper intake noise.

The package is priced £1900 all parts fitted and the car Dyno’d on saloon and coupe models (£1950 on the cabriolet).

Stage 2 is also in development with a lightweight, underdrive crank pulley and exhaust “X-pipe” rear cat replacement. Details on these to follow.

If you would like information on this or any other products please call the team on 02380 558636.

POTD 04/02/10

After our championship success in the 2007 VW Racing Cup Chris Stewart and Tony Gilham were invited out to South Africa to assist in the setup of the GIAC flashed Mk5 Golf GTi Race Car (#45 pictured).

This shot was taken during the race when the heavens fully opened!